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Send us your draft CV

Kindly email us ( placing a request on our CV review and writing service. Attach a copy of your current CV. We will call you as soon as possible to notify receipt of your request.

2. CV writing.

It only takes our writers 24 hours (1 business day) to give your CV a new and professional outlook.

3. Make payments.

Upon CV writing completion, a text message notification will be sent to you and expected to make payments.

4. Receive your CV.

The CV is sent to you via email and a notification is sent via SMS.

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What our clients are saying

"The overall experience in cv writing was good. Staff were cooperative and helpful."

- Hellen Kimani, -Facebook

"Just wanted to thank all of you for a brilliant job done on my CV. My new CV has been praised by everyone and as a result have got a new job. Keep up Teestep."

- Stephen Okwaro, -Linkedin

"Teestep did my CV and was invited for a job interview after 3 weeks. Now am the chief caterer Hippo inn Hotel after 2 years of job search. Thanks."

- Charles Mwendwa, -Linkedin

"Thank you for the fantastic job done with CV. Thanks very much for the prompt action. The cover letter and CV looks fine with the changes."

- Kelvin Mwangi, -Facebook

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